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Results of the repeated elections of the Chisinau mayor as of December 11, 2005

Chirtoaca Dorin Chirtoaca Dorin
Liberal Party
Krilov Valentin Krilov Valentin
Electoral Bloc “Patria-Родина — Равноправие”
Sima Gheorghe Sima Gheorghe
Labour Union “Patria-Родина” Party
Ursu Vasile Ursu Vasile
Independent candidate
Cernei Oleg Cernei Oleg
Environmental Party “Alianta Verde” of Moldova

Results of the November 27, 2005…

A 22.62% voter turnout was registered at the closing of polling stations (21:00), therefore repeated elections of the Chisinau mayor may be considered invalid.

Elections July’2005

The participation rate of the voters at the new elections of July 10, 2005 was 27%, and at the repeated elections of July 24, 2005 participated 19.8% of voters []

Parliamentary elections in Moldova on 6 March, 2005

The March 6, 2005 parliamentary elections were the 4th electoral competition of this kind after proclamation of independence of the Republic of Moldova. Taking part in the parliamentary scrutiny were 23 electoral competitors, including 2 electoral blocs, 9 parties or social-political movements, and 12 independent candidates. Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (PCRM) won 45.98 percent of valid votes, the Moldova Democrata Bloc (BMD) gained 28.53 percent, while the Christian Democratic Peoples Party (CDPP) garnered 9.07 percent []

Comprehensive information on the parliamentary elections of March 6, 2005…